Special Education Reform?

I bethink 20 additional years ago if I was accepting my alum amount in Adapted Apprenticeship and a associate of abundance accepting his amount in elementary apprenticeship told me that his father, a academy principal, said that I apparently shouldn’t decay my time accepting a masters in Adapted Education. He said that Adapted Apprenticeship would be eventually crumbling out of accessible education. I was about done with my masters at this point so I ample I would accept to yield my affairs with it, besides what added best did I accept anyways at that point?

I got a Adapted Apprenticeship job and accomplished for about 10 year. There were a lot of ups and downs over those 10 years, and eventually I absitively that I capital a change so I got certified and switched over to top academy history. At this point in my career I remembered what my acquaintance had said a decade ago and wondered if I was advanced of the ambit on schools no best defective adapted apprenticeship teachers, even admitting it was 10 years later. I wondered if my job was now safe in my new-found home in the history department.

Well, I admired teaching history, but activity has its own funny agency that aren’t accumbent to us and what we want, so afterwards a decade of teaching history I alone got a aboriginal chic apprenticeship on account cuts and my job was eliminated. Thankfully, I landed on my anxiety aback in Adapted Education, accept it or not.

It had been added than two decades aback my old alum academy associate told me that the charge for adapted apprenticeship agents was disappearing. During the antecedent two decades my acquaintance had gone from alum academy to elementary academy abecedary to abettor arch to principal, just like his ancestor had done. I had gone from alum academy to adapted apprenticeship abecedary to history abecedary to aback to adapted apprenticeship teacher, like cipher abroad that I apperceive had done. And accept it or not there was still a agglomeration of adapted apprenticeship jobs accessible if I landed there for a additional time. As a amount of fact, there was in actuality affluence of jobs there because there is a curtailment of adapted apprenticeship agents in 49 out of our 50 states. Brainstorm that… Two decades afterwards I was told that Adapted Apprenticeship was traveling away, and I acquisition that they still can’t assume to get abundant adapted apprenticeship teachers.

Fast-forward a few added years to today and there is a new and absorbing aberration affecting Adapted Apprenticeship alleged abounding inclusion. Now admittance isn’t a new affair to our schools. As a amount of actuality admittance has a continued absorbing history in our schools.

Six decades ago there was the Supreme Court Case of Brown v. Board of Education. In 1954 the new law of the acreage became chip schools for all races. Four decades ago the ground-breaking law of Individuals with Disabilities Apprenticeship Act (IDEA) began to yield aftereffect and advice ensure that added than six actor acceptance with disabilities accept the adapted to a chargeless and adapted education, which agency they too get to be included in with the accepted apprenticeship population.

To advice this appear schools actualize a Planning and Adjustment Team (PPT) that accommodated and altercate a student’s Alone Apprenticeship Program (IEP) and again abode the apprentice in the adapted educational ambience based on the student’s needs and the law. The adjustment aswell needs to be the atomic akin ambiance (LRE). I can still bethink my academy assistant anecdotic the atomic akin ambiance in a abbreviate adventure that one would not accompany a apparatus gun to yield affliction of a fly. Rather, one would just accompany a fly-swatter to yield affliction of a fly. In added words, if a kid’s affliction can be dealt with in the adjacency school, again the kid doesn’t accept to be beatific beyond boondocks or even to accession town’s adapted school.

Today, abounding schools are aggravating to advance on this admittance archetypal and atomic akin ambiance by traveling from a fractional to a full-inclusion model. Schools in the Los Angeles Academy District accept confused a all-inclusive majority of their acceptance out of their adapted apprenticeship centers aural the endure three years and into adjacency schools area they are absolutely chip into constituent classes like concrete education, agronomical and cooking. They are aswell chip into approved capital beck bookish classes as well, but it’s usually not to the aforementioned amount as electives.

Michigan schools say that wish to breach down the walls amid accepted apprenticeship and Adapted Apprenticeship creating a arrangement in which acceptance will get added advice if they charge it, and that abutment doesn’t charge to be in a abstracted adapted apprenticeship classroom.

Some academy districts in Portland, Oregon are a little added forth than the Los Angeles schools that are just bringing adapted apprenticeship acceptance aback from adapted schools and Michigan schools that are just alpha to try abounding affiliation of its acceptance and eliminating a lot of of the adapted apprenticeship classrooms.

Being a little added forth in the action Portland makes an absorbing case study. Abounding of the parents who initially accurate the abstraction of amalgam adapted apprenticeship acceptance into approved apprenticeship classrooms in Portland are now afraid about how the Portland Accessible Academy Arrangement is accomplishing it. Portland is aiming for full-inclusion by the year 2020. However, some of the agents in Portland are saying, “Obviously the adapted apprenticeship acceptance are traveling to abort and they are traveling to act out because we are not affair their needs… If there’s not the adapted abutment there, that’s not acceptable, not alone for the child, but for the accepted apprenticeship abecedary as well.”

A Portland ancestor said, “I would rather accept my adolescent feel acknowledged than for them to be ‘college-ready’.” She added states, “I wish my accouchement to be good, ample animal beings that accomplish the apple a bigger place. I don’t anticipate they necessarily charge to go to academy to do that. I anticipate that accouchement are individuals, and if we stop alleviative them as individuals, there’s a problem.” Sadly, abounding parents and agents accept larboard the Portland Academy District, and abounding added are fantasizing about it because they feel the full-inclusion archetypal isn’t alive there how they pictured it would.

How abundant should schools accommodate the adapted apprenticeship acceptance is the afire catechism of the hour. In my claimed acquaintance some affiliation is not alone possible, but it’s a must. With some abutment abounding of the adapted apprenticeship acceptance can be in the approved apprenticeship classrooms.

A few years ago I even had a non-speaking paraplegic boy in a caster armchair who was on a breath respirator sitting in my approved apprenticeship amusing studies class. Every day his para able and his assistant formed him into and sat with him. He consistently smiled at the tales I told of Alexander the Great boot beyond 11,000 afar of area and acquisition abundant of the accepted apple at that time. By the way, Alexander the Great aswell accomplished his own archetypal of admittance by auspicious affection to the baffled and auspicious his soldiers to ally the captured territory’s women in adjustment to actualize a abiding peace.

Other important factors to accede in adapted apprenticeship admittance is the abundant bare socialization and the extenuative of money affiliation offers. Kids apprentice from added kids and money not spent on Adapted Apprenticeship could be spent on accepted education, right? Hmm…

If you noticed, I said a little bit beforehand that abounding adapted apprenticeship acceptance could be integrated, but I did not say all or even a lot of should be integrated. There are just some acceptance that are traveling to yield abroad too abundant of the teacher’s time and absorption from added students, such as, in the case of acceptance with astringent behavior problems. If we put astringent behavior problems in approved apprenticeship classes it’s just absolute arbitrary to all of the added accouchement in there. Similar cases could be fabricated for added astringent disabilities too that appeal too abundant of the capital beck teacher’s alone time and attention.

Hey, I’m not adage to never try out a kid with a astringent affliction in a accepted apprenticeship setting. But what I am adage is that schools charge to accept a bigger arrangement of ecology these placements and be able to bound abolish acceptance that aren’t alive out, and are demography adored acquirements time abroad from added students. Furthermore, schools charge to do this after awkward the abecedary because the abecedary complained that the apprentice wasn’t a acceptable fit and was abolition the educational acquirements action of the added students. Leaving a kid in an inappropriate adjustment isn’t acceptable for any of the parties involved. Period.

Over the endure two decades I accept formed with added adapted apprenticeship acceptance than I can bethink as a adapted apprenticeship abecedary and a approved apprenticeship abecedary teaching admittance classes. I accept abstruse to become acutely adjustable and accommodating and appropriately accept had some of the toughest and a lot of beggared kids placed in my classes. I accept formed miracles with these kids over the years and I apperceive that I am not the alone abecedary out there accomplishing this. There are abounding added out there just like me. But, what I anguish about is that because agents are so committed and affairs off circadian miracles in the classroom, districts, association leaders, and baby-kisser may be blame too harder for the full-inclusion archetypal cerebration that the agents will just accept to amount it out. Ambience up agents and acceptance for abortion is never a acceptable idea.

Furthermore, I achievement it’s just not the money that they are aggravating to save while blame this full-inclusion archetypal advanced because what we should absolutely be aggravating to save is our children. As Fredrick Douglas said, “It is easier to body able accouchement than to adjustment torn men.” Regardless of how the banking educational pie is sliced, the basal band is that the pie is just too baby and our adapted apprenticeship agents and our adapted apprenticeship acceptance shouldn’t be fabricated to pay for this.

In addition, I accept been a abecedary for too continued to not be at atomic a little agnostic if I apprehend the administration say that the acumen they are blame for the full-inclusion archetypal is because socialization is so important. I apperceive it’s important. But, I aswell apperceive that too abounding humans are blind their hats on that socialization alibi rather than apprenticeship our adapted needs acceptance and accouterment them what they absolutely need. I accept apparent adapted apprenticeship acceptance whose abilities alone let them draw pictures sitting in ceremoniousness classes. There is no absolute socialization demography abode here. It just doesn’t accomplish sense.

Well, assuredly advancing abounding circle. It will be absorbing to see area this abounding admittance affair goes. The astute ones will not let their adapted apprenticeship agents go, or get rid of their classrooms. And for the academy districts that do, I brainstorm that it will not yield continued afore they apprehend the aberration they fabricated and alpha hiring adapted apprenticeship agents back. To my acquaintance and his now ex-principal ancestor from all those years ago who anticipation adapted apprenticeship was traveling away, well, we’re not there yet, and to acquaint you the truth, I don’t anticipate we anytime will be.

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Do You Know How to Be an Engaging and Highly Effective Educator?

Anyone can teach. We advise anniversary added every day. For example, we accord instructions to anniversary added for such things as cooking, putting calm furniture, and commutual domiciliary added tasks. However, teaching anyone is altered than the action of educating someone. Accede the aberration amid breezy acquirements and bookish learning. An archetype of breezy acquirements would be afterward a compound to apprentice how to cook. In contrast, bookish acquirements occurs aural a classroom and usually is accompanied by appraisal and assessment. It may assume that teaching and educating are the aforementioned thing; however, the aberration has to do with the abode or ambience for learning.

This is the aforementioned acumen can be fabricated for teaching artlessly (giving instructions) and teaching acceptance in a bookish classroom environment. A getting enters the acreage of apprenticeship as a profession – either abounding time in acceptable bookish institutions or as an accessory (or allotment time) instructor. The affidavit alter for why anyone would accept to be in the classroom. A acceptable abounding time assistant may acceptable be amenable for administering research, teaching, and publishing bookish work. An accessory adviser may advise in a association college, acceptable college, or an online school. If anyone teaches acceptance in academy apprenticeship he or she may be alleged a facilitator, instructor, or professor. This is important as there isn’t a job with the chat drillmaster in the title.

The questions I would like to acknowledgment include: What again does it beggarly to be an educator? Does it announce something altered than the assigned job title? What I accept abstruse through my plan in academy apprenticeship is that acceptable an drillmaster is not an automated process. Everyone who is teaching developed acceptance is not activity as an agreeable and awful able educator. However, it is accessible to apprentice how to brainwash rather than advise and that requires authoritative a allegation to the profession.

What Does It Beggarly to Teach?

Consider teaching as allotment of the arrangement of traditional, primary education. Those classes are teacher-led and accouchement as acceptance are accomplished what and how to learn. The abecedary is advised to be the able and directs the acquirements process. A abecedary is anyone who is awful accomplished and works to appoint the minds of his or her students. This appearance of teacher-led advisory continues into academy education, accurately acceptable academy classrooms. The abecedary still stands at the foreground and centermost of the chic carrying information, and acceptance are acclimated to this architecture because of their acquaintance in primary education. The adviser disseminates adeptness through a address and acceptance abstraction to canyon the appropriate examinations or complete added appropriate acquirements activities.

Within academy education, agents may be alleged advisers and they are assassin as accountable amount experts with avant-garde agreeable knowledge. The job requirements usually cover captivation a specific amount of amount hours in the accountable getting taught. Agents may aswell be alleged advisers in acceptable academy classes, and those positions crave a terminal amount with added analysis requirements. For all of these roles, teaching is meant to announce anyone who is allegorical the acquirements action by directing, telling, and instructing students. The adviser or assistant is in charge, and the acceptance accept to accede and chase as directed. Here is something to consider: If that is the aspect of teaching, is there a aberration amid that and educating students? Is the role of a abecedary the aforementioned as that of an educator?

What Does It Beggarly to be an Educator?

Consider some basal definitions to activate with as a agency of compassionate the role of an educator. The chat “education” refers to giving instruction; “educator” refers to the getting who provides apprenticeship and is anyone who is accomplished in teaching; and teaching is accumbent with accouterment explanations. I accept broadcast aloft these definitions so that the chat “educator” includes anyone who is accomplished with instruction, possesses awful developed bookish skills, and holds both accountable amount adeptness and adeptness of developed apprenticeship principles.

Skilled with Instruction: An drillmaster is anyone who should be accomplished in the art of classroom instruction, alive what advisory strategies are able and the areas of abetment that charge added development. An accomplished drillmaster develops methods that will accompany advance abstracts to activity by abacus accordant ambience and bidding acceptance to apprentice through chic discussions and added acquirements activities. Apprenticeship aswell includes all of the interactions captivated with students, including all forms of communication, as every alternation provides an befalling for teaching.

Highly Developed Bookish Skills: An drillmaster accept to aswell accept able bookish abilities and at the top of that account are autograph skills. This requires able absorption to detail on the allotment of the drillmaster and in all forms of letters communicated, including annihilation written, presented, and beatific via email. The adeptness to authenticate able bookish abilities is abnormally important for anyone who is teaching online classes as words represent the instructor.

The use of able formatting guidelines, according to the appearance assigned by the school, is aswell included in the account of analytical bookish skills. For example, abounding schools accept implemented APA formatting guidelines as the accepted for formatting affidavit and alive with sources. An drillmaster cannot abundantly adviser acceptance and accommodate allusive acknowledgment if the autograph appearance has not been mastered.

Strong Adeptness Base: An drillmaster needs to advance a adeptness abject that contains accountable amount expertise, as accompanying to the advance or courses they are teaching, forth with adeptness of developed apprenticeship principles. I apperceive of abounding educators who accept the appropriate acclaim hours on their amount transcripts, yet they may not accept all-encompassing acquaintance in the acreage they teach. This will still acquiesce these educators to advise the course, provided that they yield time to apprehend the advance arbiter and acquisition methods of applying it to accepted practices aural the field.

Many schools appoint adjuncts with all-encompassing plan acquaintance as the primary criteria, rather than adeptness of developed acquirements principles. Those advisers I accept formed with who do accept a able developed apprenticeship adeptness abject about acquired it through advancing able development. That was my goal, if I absitively on a aloft for my doctoral degree, to accept how adults apprentice so that I could transform from an adviser to an educator.

Becoming an Agreeable and Awful Able Educator

I do not accept that abounding advisers carefully accede the charge to accomplish a transformation from alive as an adviser to activity as an educator. If anyone is assassin to advise a class, anyone added than a acceptable academy professor, they generally apprentice through convenance and time what works able-bodied in the classroom. There will acceptable be classroom audits and recommendations fabricated for advancing able development. Gradually the archetypal adviser will become an drillmaster as they seek out assets to admonition advance their teaching practices. However, I accept formed with abounding accessory online advisers who await on their accountable amount adeptness abandoned and do not accept there is a acumen to abound as an educator. For anyone who would like to accomplish the transformation and become an agreeable and awful able educator, there are accomplish that can be taken and practices that can be implemented.

Step One: Abide to Advance Your Advisory Practice

While any drillmaster can apprentice through time on the job, it is accessible to become advised about this growth. There are abundant online resources, publications, workshops, webinars, and able groups that would acquiesce you to apprentice new methods, strategies, and practices. There are aswell amusing media websites such as LinkedIn and Twitter that acquiesce for the barter of account and assets aural a all-around association of educators.

You can aswell advance self-reflection as a agency of appraisal your effectiveness. I accept begin that the best time to analysis my advisory convenance occurs anon afterwards a chic concludes. That is a time if I can appraise the strategies I accept acclimated and actuate if those methods were effective. Even reviewing end of advance apprentice surveys may accommodate acumen into the angle of my students.

Step Two: Abide to Advance Your Bookish Skills

I apperceive from my plan with online adroitness development that this is an breadth of development that abounding educators could use. However, it is generally beheld as a low antecedence – until it is acclaimed in classroom audits. If an drillmaster has anemic bookish autograph skills, it will baffle with their adeptness to accommodate absolute acknowledgment for students. For online instructors, that has an even greater appulse if acquaint letters accommodate errors with spelling, grammar, and formatting. The development of bookish abilities can be done through the use of online assets or workshops. Abounding online schools I accept formed for action adroitness workshops and this is a admired self-development resource.

Step Three: Abide to Advance Your Accountable Amount Expertise

Every drillmaster has accountable amount adeptness that they can draw upon. However, the claiming is befitting that adeptness accepted as you abide to advise for several years. The best admonition I can action is to acquisition assets that acquiesce you to apprehend and apprentice about accepted thinking, research, and best practices in your called field. This is capital to your advisory convenance as acceptance can ascertain whether you arise to be accepted in your knowledge, or anachronous and acutely out of touch. Even the use of appropriate textbooks does not ensure that you are utilizing the a lot of accepted admonition as adeptness evolves bound in abounding fields.

Step Four: Abide to Advance Your Adeptness of Developed Learning

The endure footfall or action that I can acclaim is to accretion adeptness about developed acquirements theories, principles, and practices. If you are not accustomed with the basics there are concepts you can analysis and cover analytical thinking, andragogy, self-directed learning, transformational learning, acquirements styles, motivation, and cognition. My advancement is to acquisition and apprehend online sources accompanying to academy apprenticeship and again acquisition a accountable that interests you to analysis further. I accept begin that the added I apprehend about capacity I enjoy, the added I am cultivating my absorption in advancing able development. What you will acceptable acquisition is that what you apprentice will accept a absolute access on your plan as an drillmaster and will enhance all areas of your advisory practice.

Working as an educator, or anyone who is awful affianced in the action of allowance acceptance learn, starts with a allegation to accomplish this a career rather than a job. I accept developed a eyes accompanying to how I wish to be complex in anniversary chic I advise and I acclaim the aforementioned action for you. You may acquisition it advantageous to advance teaching goals for your career and hotlink your classroom achievement to those goals. For example, do you wish to complete the appropriate abetment tasks or would you rather put in the added time all-important to actualize adorning chic conditions?

After developing a eyes and teaching goals, you can actualize a able development plan to alert your acquirements and advance in all of the areas I accept addressed above. While this action may crave an investment of time, it is accessible to bethink that we consistently accomplish time for whatever we accept is a lot of important. Getting an drillmaster is not comestible a focus on job functions, rather it is cultivating a adulation of what you do and acquirements how to excel for the account of your students. Acceptable an agreeable and awful able drillmaster occurs if you adjudge that teaching acceptance is alone allotment of the acquirements process, and you plan to transform who you are and how you function, while alive and interacting with your students.

Dr. Bruce A. Johnson has adeptness in academy apprenticeship administration, developed education, ambit learning, online teaching, adroitness development, class development, advisory design, authoritative acquirements and development, career coaching, and resume writing.

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Some Anti-Theist Religious Bits & Pieces: Round Twelve

Of all of those Big Questions axial to abstract concepts that beleaguer life, the creation and everything, the realms of canon and religions and the attributes of deities abide to fascinate. Opinions breed in books, articles, videos, conversations in confined and pubs, and in actuality anywhere and everywhere two or added bodies are in proximity. There’s the pro side; there’s the anti-side. There aren’t too abounding fence-sitters. I’m still in the anti-camp as the afterward $.25 and pieces illustrate.

Regarding Religion

*Christian theist: God is the answer!

Sceptic: So how do you KNOW that God is the acknowledgment instead of (fill in the blank)? The acknowledgment is you don’t KNOW and you can’t KNOW! If you don’t KNOW the answer, again your acknowledgment should be “I don’t know”, not “God”. Added to that, just because you don’t KNOW the acknowledgment (if you stop to accept that to yourself) doesn’t beggarly that God is the acknowledgment by default. For example, I don’t apperceive why archaeologists and historians can’t acquisition any trace of The Exodus. Accordingly God accept to accept asleep or covered up all of the evidence. Why? Because God works in abstruse ways, that’s why! Not a complete satisfactory annual now, is it.

*Religion is an apparition abiding in ambitious cerebration or in ambition fulfilment; our charge or admiration to accost our close fears and insecurities – apery from Sigmund Freud: “The Approaching of An Illusion” (1927). Spot on! Bodies badly adhere on to their assorted religious faiths, adjoin all adherence because they are abashed of the atrocity and abasement of circadian activity and the certitude of death. As one adage goes, “life’s a allegation and again you die”. As philosopher Thomas Hobbes bidding it, activity is solitary, poor, nasty, beastly and short. So bodies seek for some array of claimed security, acceptation and backbone in an indifferent, cold, blah and aimless cosmos. If no one in actuality cares about you (and everybody has got their own set of claimed issues and problems to accord with) again you clamp at the harbinger that is that airy abracadabra man in the sky. You wish a Big Brother to accomplish aggregate arise out all appropriate just the way your parents did if you were a adolescent if they cloistral and looked afterwards you and kissed abroad the aching and the tears if you cried in their lap and consistently comforted you.

*If you accept to lie in adjustment to beforehand your religion, again your adoration is complete crap!

*You accept to admiration how abundant of their adoration Christians ACTUALLY accept adverse are they just traveling through the motions; traveling forth with the army in adjustment to be accustomed by family, accompany and their society; in adjustment to fit in with the majority.

*Religion aboriginal gives you the ache (the aboriginal aberrant stick) again gives you the cure – the afterlife carrot.

Regarding Faith & Belief

*Faith is just ambitious thinking.

*If you say you accept there is a God, there’s no improvement from Doubting Thomas’s added than to accept you try to absolve your belief. But if you affirmation to in actuality apperceive that there is a God, again you accept to go way, way, way aloft absolution and alpha citation complete affirmation that can be afar verified.

*Logic ability be a alleyway to what is true, but argumentation in and of itself is not complete affirmation that what is logically accepted is in actuality true.

Regarding Morality

*Theists adduce that there are just two kinds of evil. There’s accustomed ‘evil’ (i.e. – disease, earthquakes, drought, etc.) and again there is moral angry breadth bodies abuse bodies and generally innocent animals and the ambiance (i.e. – paedophilia, kidnapping, blackmail, rape, littering, etc.). However, theists calmly overlook two added categories of evil. Firstly, there’s religious angry – bodies harming bodies in the name of their god (be it God or Allah, etc.) and by god there’s been an abominable lot of that array of evil. Secondly, there is angelic angry or God’s angry and you don’t accept to apprehend complete far into the Bible to acquisition examples, examples like The Flood, Sodom & Gomorrah, the 10 plagues, the acceptance of slavery, genocide, beastly and animal sacrifice, atrocious and abnormal punishments like stoning to afterlife accouchement or absolution afar bears on kids. Bodies can be angry but by god, God is their role model.

*Why be acceptable if you can just be forgiven?

*No amount what declared moral absolutes you beforehand (i.e. – annihilation is wrong), I’d action the animal ability and acuteness can arise up with a book that justifies a abuse of that declared absolute. In the case of murder, there’s self-defense; war; basic punishment; aborticide in assertive circumstances; benevolence killing / afterlife and scenarios breadth the act of killing one innocent saves the lives of 5 added innocents (The needs of the abounding outweigh the needs of the few, or the one – Mr. Spock.)

Regarding the End Times

*The End Is Nigh: 50 AD – any day now. 100 AD – any day now. 250 AD – any day now. 500 AD – any day now. 750 AD – any day now. 1000 AD – any day now. 1250 AD – any day now. 1500 AD – any day now. 1600 AD – any day now. 1700 AD – any day now. 1800 AD – any day now. 1900 AD – any day now. 2000 AD – any day now. 2017 AD – any day now.

Regarding Heaven & Hell

*Anytime, or about anytime a Accurate Christian Believer gets cornered by agnostic argumentation / acumen and can’t convulse out of the cardboard bag they accept taken ambush in, they generally resort to, and arise out lashing, arresting out at the agnostic with acute threats like “you’re traveling to bake consistently in Hell”; “your body is now accursed for all eternity”; “I achievement you adore your abiding torment” or as Maude was decumbent to say, “God will get you for that”! That’s not in actuality the able way to acknowledge if you lose an argument.

Regarding the Bible

*”The Bible said” is in actuality some human(s) said, and bodies say an abominable lot of things that accept no base in absoluteness for a accomplished array of reasons, some innocent; some not so innocent. The Bible (as able-bodied as added angelic books) was accounting by bodies for bodies and any quotations therein are arguable at best aback I’ve yet to see accurate that there was anyone aback again demography autograph and autograph down the words of acumen of this or that Biblical character, including declared abnormal characters. On the added hand, works of fiction are abounding of author-invented dialogues and monologues.

*Here’s addition Biblical oops. In Genesis 1: 11-12 & 29, God gives us all plants and seeds that are acceptable to eat and to bulb as approaching plants that are acceptable to eat. Wrong, for alas, not all plants and seeds are acceptable to eat and to bulb (and again eat the consistent plant). So God says plants and seeds are good; complete convenance suggests that assorted plants and seeds can end up burying you six anxiety under. Yet addition Godly oops.

*Though it seems to be broadly arise to the contrary, boilerplate in Exodus do I apprehend breadth the afterlife of the firstborn (i.e. – the tenth plague) was belted to children. It would accept that anyone of any age who happened to accept been the firstborn got zapped by God. (Reference Exodus 11: 5; 12: 12; 12: 29; and 13: 15).

*Variation One: Why would anyone in their appropriate apperception put any array of believability into the Bible? I beggarly it was accounting over abounding hundreds of years; bags of years ago; by bodies who abide in actuality bearding / alien with ambiguous education; abrogation abaft no aboriginal antecedent material; ultimately cobbled calm and re-cobbled calm by differing committees with differing faiths and agendas and opinions; translated and retranslated with translations of the translations; cogent tales that would be appealing absurd even by avant-garde science fantasy standards.

*Variation Two (adopted from “The Agnostic Experience” TV Show): The Bible is just a accumulating of abandoned books for which we accept no originals, accounting by bodies we can’t annual and we weren’t even abiding who wrote what or even a lot of of it. So how can you use the Bible as an ascendancy for something (i.e. – God) that’s supernatural?

*Variation Three (also adopted from “The Agnostic Experience” TV Show): The Bible is just an old book, accounting by alien people, of alien origin, with alien dates, none of which is confirmable. There’s no abreast affirmation alfresco of the Bible itself that corroborates any of it and yet this is acceptable to altercate multi millions aloft millions that abracadabra happens.

*The Bible is true! Source: The Bible! Every chat in the Bible is accurate and it’s accurate because the Bible says so. How can you altercate adjoin that! [Thanks to Jaclyn Glenn.]

*It’s a rather sad actuality that not all Christian Accurate Believers are acquainted of the actuality that the Bible wasn’t accounting originally in English!

Regarding the Exodus

*Here’s some affidavit why the Biblical Exodus is a absolute nonsense. According to the Bible, 600,000 men (not including women and children) larboard Egypt for the Promised Land. If you yield into annual women and children, I’ve apparent estimates that up to two actor ‘slaves’ larboard Egypt, accompanied by birds and livestock (Exodus 12: 37-38). Now let’s accept the adventure was about the aforementioned from avant-garde day Cairo to Tel Aviv. If you go as the babble flies, it’s about 400 km, but that cuts beyond water. It you arch arctic out of Cairo to the bank again chase the coast, it’s about 625 km. If you arch NE out of Cairo until you hit the bank again chase the coast, it’s about a 500 km journey. Why chase the coast? Able-bodied you can’t in actuality get absent if you hug the coastline, befitting the Mediterranean Sea to your larboard as you coin ahead. Sooner or after you’re traveling to hit the Promised Land. Further, even if you airing just one km a day (heck, you could clamber on your hands-and-knees or even on your abdomen and accomplish one km a day) you’d accomplish the Cairo – Tel Aviv adventure in beneath than two years. And tens of bags of added people, nomads, accept beyond the Saini barren in canicule or weeks after any trouble. That abandoned puts the 40 year Biblical adventure in the wilderness in the totally-made-up category, abnormally if you accede that according to the Bible, God was arch the array from Egypt to the Promised Land as a “pillar of a cloud” by day and as a “pillar of fire” by night (Exodus 13: 21-22). Maybe God didn’t accept a map or didn’t anticipate to hug the coastline. In actuality God allegedly advisedly chose to beforehand His bodies via the continued avenue initially branch SE (Exodus 13: 17-18). No agnosticism if His Chosen Bodies knew in beforehand that He was arch them up one acutely continued garden path, He ability accept gotten the average feel analysis – and about did – and who could accusation them for cogent God breadth to go and what he could do with Himself if He got there.

Anyway, if the 600,000 men started off on the Egypt to Promised Land adventure individual file, and acceptance for 1 accent break amid them, able-bodied 600,000 metres equals 600 kilometres so the aboriginal in bandage would accept accomplished the Promised Land added acceptable as not afore the endure one even larboard Egypt! Of advance maybe they didn’t biking individual file. Still, that assorted aloft ‘slave’ army would accept taken up in actuality a cogent area.

Now the breadth of a amphitheater is according to Pi times the ambit squared. If anniversary of the 600,000 males we apperceive about requires almost 10 aboveboard metres of amplitude (actually about a lot of anybody would appeal way added than just 10 aboveboard metres of claimed space) again all 600,000 would absorb almost an breadth of 6 actor aboveboard metres. If you crisis the numbers, the mob would accept active a amphitheater with a ambit of 1.382 km or a bore of 2.764 km (don’t overlook there was no “up” as in multistory barrio to abate the breadth in catechism – everybody active arena level). That’s a ample area!

Further to that point, you can’t altercate me that 600,000 additional bodies on the move wouldn’t leave abaft any debris (i.e. – torn ceramics and torn / exhausted accoutrement and added non-organic refuse); wouldn’t accept active their asleep – those who died on the adventure (burials aback apparent by erosion); and larboard abaft those millions of bivouac residues (which could be carbon dated). The barren ambiance of the Sinai Peninsula should aswell accept preserved amoebic stuffs like accouterment and artefacts like abandoned copse implements. The capital point is that any citizenry calculation 600,000 additional (up to conceivably two million), even a drifting population, will leave abaft archaeological traces. Archaeologists accept accurate abundant hunter-gatherer tribes 1/1000th the admeasurement of God’s Chosen Bodies as accompanying in Exodus.

And added yet to that, one cultural aspect of the animal action is that bodies like to leave their mark (i.e. – Kilroy was here). Graffiti is not a avant-garde phenomenon. So if you accept a bandage of the abundant army calculation some 600,000 plus, again you should apprehend to acquisition some associated graffiti (i.e. – up the pharaoh; aureate beasts rule, OK; Moses is a jerk; Joseph loves Mary; where’s the avenue sign; are we there yet?). Yet I’ve never heard of any annual by age-old or Biblical historians award and advice the graffiti consistent from The Exodus.

And breadth are the charcoal of the aboriginal Ten Commandment tablets which were torn to $.25 by Moses (the jerk) as accompanying in Exodus 32: 19? Are they still there? Were they ‘shoplifted’ as souvenirs? Did they even in actuality abide at all?

So in conclusion, based on the aloft as able-bodied as for lots of added affidavit (i.e. – there’s no absolute analysis from age-old Egyptian texts that verify The Exodus; and of advance the angelic of holies, the Ark of the Covenant has vanished into the Twilight Zone – how convenient), I can abandoned achieve that The Exodus is just a plan of absolute fiction – 1% history and 99% fiction. The actuality of the amount is, if any complete determined affirmation had anytime been activate that complete the Biblical adventure of The Exodus, it would accept been front-page account and in actuality accepted ability about the globe. It hasn’t – it isn’t.

Regarding God

*One can brainstorm the actuality of a maximally added absolute getting (i.e. – God). However, so the altercation goes, the complete actuality of such a getting would be even added perfect. Therefore, by apperception God, God in actuality accept to exist. But, one can aswell brainstorm the non-existence of a maximally a lot of absolute getting and aback alien absoluteness is added absolute that imagination, again accordingly the maximally a lot of altogether getting is non-existent in an alien reality.

*If God is the a lot of maximally absolute getting possible, again God cannot change because to do so would accomplish Him even added or beneath absolute that He already is which is by analogue impossible.

*It is said that God and God abandoned is a all-important getting who accept to abide afar of all else. All else, all added beings are accidental beings who don’t to accept to, of necessity, exist. Alas, if life, the Creation and aggregate can be accounted for and explained after resorting to God (or any added deity) again God is hardly a all-important being.

*God (i.e. – Mr. Abracadabra Man) is the affecting account which you adjure if you can’t anticipate of any alternative.

*When you get to the point breadth you cannot explain X, your acknowledgment accept to be “I don’t know” and not that I apperceive the acknowledgment has to be God.

*A abracadabra man created the apple and again committed suicide. How analytic is that!

*In the apperception of the Accurate Believer, God has consistently got to be right! If you activate with the apriorism that aggregate God does is about right, again you can circuit any Biblical adventure to fit that preconception.

*God’s attitude is “might makes right”. I accept ability and accordingly I am right. I created you (i.e. – might) so accordingly I can annihilate you (right).

*Is God so anemic and aged that He can’t amount out a way to altercate me of His existence? Allegedly so.

*If God is so adjoin homosexuality, how arise He didn’t do a Sodom & Gomorrah on age-old Greece and in accurate Sparta? Consistency is not God’s average name by any means.

*If God and aggregation (i.e. – Jesus) appeared to the abundant army in the Near and Average East admonition their bona-fides, why did they abort to arise alone to the abundant army in Australia, Polynesia, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe? Was God lazy? Or maybe God couldn’t acquisition the time getting too absent and active terrorising the citizenry of His rather baby application of earthbound turf. Conceivably it’s because the writers of the Bible didn’t in actuality apperceive these places existed and accordingly couldn’t accept their fabulous deities arise there! Of advance already these places were discovered, again to accomplish up for that oversight, the Christian Church beatific their assembly to catechumen the agnostic and agnostic citizenry about to their way of thinking. That didn’t plan out all that well, at atomic for the agnostic and agnostic aboriginal peoples. These underlings of the Church, who in actuality had no business to undertake such a task, generally did annihilation but deliver their Christianity, or if they did, did so via what one would accept to alarm rather un-Christian agency and means, like catechumen or we’ll ache you – in actuality we’ll ache you anyway. But these alleged Christians angry out to be generally added absorbed in gold and argent and assets and added riches. In their deathwatch they usually larboard abaft a aisle of afterlife and ache and abolition of built-in cultures to Christianity’s abiding shame. The crimes adjoin altruism committed in the name of God (and Jesus) are allegorical – atomic we forget.

Regarding Jesus

*There is no abreast source(s) bound at the time Jesus (allegedly) existed that mentions him afar from the Bible and that wasn’t even abreast aback the Gospels were accounting abounding decades after-the-fact. Why is there no added even apparent abreast antecedent actual that mentions Jesus? Complete strange.

Regarding Atheists & Atheism

*Atheists are those who accept that no celestial of any affectionate exists – not just God. Atheists don’t accept Zeus exists or existed either. Atheists accept never claimed that they apperceive that no God exists. If an agnostic does affirmation that again they accept fabricated a account they cannot aback up. Even Richard Dawkins has never said that he knows God doesn’t exist, for example. Atheists are acute abundant to apperceive that you can’t prove a abrogating deity. I do not accept that God exists, but I never accept claimed that “God does not exist”. That account would put the accountability of affidavit on me. If it should about-face out that God (or any added deity) exists, I’m added than ready, accommodating and able to absolve my apostolic worldview afore Him, Her or It.

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Trump’s Fascination With Wrestling – I Think We Are Witnessing Why Trump Was In Wrestlemania

I Saw Him Coming Like A Freight Train

Every aback I got a glimpse in the aboriginal 90′s or Trump, I saw anyone who I was absolutely at allowance with if it came to his best of lifestyle. I saw him on an account on ball tonight, and I anticipation he was a acquisitive idiot. That was a abrupt adverse to the way I was raised. I consistently knew abysmal down, that I was not an ultra-materialistic person. I advised my adulthood on how abundant of an amateur I was, and how I fared in antagonism at antic activities, rather on how abundant money I had. I consistently anticipation that alive to the point of hardly accepting chargeless time in life, was absolutely stupid. I noticed that Trump seemed absinthian and abhorrent because what he had in life. The next time I was affected to actuality about Trump (besides all of the brainy account by the tabloids), I heard he was traveling to arise at Wrestlemania and battle Vince Mcmahon. I again started seeing him as not alone a actual acquisitive and ego apprenticed accepting (who I anticipation may accept been insecure), but now anyone who capital to be accepted as a boxy guy. He had been consistently in the tabloids up to that point. I couldn’t get him out of my aerial if I was to about-face on the TV.

That accepting said, I started cerebration that this man is traveling to be in the account for the blow of his life, but why? Did America anticipate that this was a analogue of what all men should strive for? Why would they be blame him on the accessible so abundant (what was the fascination?). I saw myself as a “180″ of what he stood for. I stood for accepting the complete actual best amateur (something that money couldn’t buy). That’s the accepted of which I still reside by. He stood for abundance at all cost, even if it meant dispatch on peoples’ toes. On the added hand, I stood for things that money couldn’t buy. I would accept rather been the best basketball or all-embracing amateur in the world, rather than the richest. To me, there can alone be one all-embracing best amateur in the world. For the ultra-materialistic, like Trump, although his affairs dictates what money can buy, and that he is the a lot of powerful, accustomed his money, there will consistently be anyone with added money than he.

What Makes A Man?

I was built-in in Brandon, Fl. My parents were average class, and I admired bathrobe surfer style. I like to anticipate I set my own trend. Looking at my pictures as a kid, I was advanced of my time with the way I dressed. I anticipation of myself as a surfer/metal-head. Brandon concluded up acceptable alike with Death Metal, alleged for the bandage who alleged themselves “Death.” I afraid about some of the aforementioned circles that some of the aboriginal “death” bands afraid around. I consistently saw myself as accepting access on friends, even admitting I didn’t wish the spotlight — at all as a kid!

I am adjoin Trump’s moral code, and one affair I can acquaint you is that I don’t like it. I anticipate we charge to adios Trump. I in fact approved to alarm him out at a assemblage in Ocala, Fl. I got his attention, accepting that I was 6 rows back. Afterwards authoritative antecedent eye acquaintance with me, I noticed he didn’t attending my way afterwards that, until about afterwards he was done speaking (he didn’t even about-face his arch my way, throughout the blow of his speech!). At the end of his accent if he was accepting his annular of applause, he acicular and smile at me and winked. I just happened to be continuing next to some attractive girls though. There were actual few adolescent girls there; a lot of were earlier rednecks, and it was afterwards all, Ocala, Fl, and the assemblage was captivated in a livestock stable. I capital to accost him on altitude change. Alone time will acquaint what happens with Trump, but we charge added of a adumbrative on what men should strive to become — absolutely not him!

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